NAC resumes flights to Hong Kong

KATHMANDU: Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has resumed its flight to Hong Kong after two weeks ban.

NAC was banned from flying to Hong Kong after the passengers who tested negative for covid-19 infection while departing, however, tested positive after arriving in Hong Kong. Then the flights were banned till 25.

The covid-19 test of 13 people was negative while departing from here tested in the labs of Star Hospital, Surya Health Care, Hams, and Central Diagnostic Center. After that, Nepal Airlines was banned from flying to Hong Kong.
With this incident, the corporation has decided to consider PCR test report tested at government hospitals only for the passengers traveling to Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, Himalayan Airlines has also issued a notice today, announcing that PCR report tested at 12 labs only will be valid for passengers going to Damman and Saudi Arabia. Himalayan Airlines has made public the list of 12 labs on Monday.

Himalaya Airlines has also decided to recognize only 12 labs after it was banned on the suspicion that the tests conducted in private labs on NAC Hong Kong flight were fake.

Now, passengers going to Damman and Saudi Arabia from Kathmandu via Himalayan Airlines have made it clear that they will not recognize other labs except the 12 labs specified.

The airline has published the list of labs according to the list of labs received from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Kathmandu.
According to Himalaya Airlines, PCR tested at Health Care Clinic, Al-Mashoor Diagnostic Center, AlKhaleej Medical Center, Life Trust Medi Diagnostic Center, Aqua Diagnostic Service, Kantipur Diagnostic Center, Life Care Prince Diagnostic Center, Razam Medical Center, Saiba Medical Center, Saudi Nepal Medical Center, and Siddhi Poly Clinic will be valid for flights.

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