Cane farmers complain four sugar mills yet to clear them Rs 481 million

KATHMANDU: Sugarcane farmers have complained that four sugar factories namely Shree Ram Sugar Mill, Annapurna Sugar Mill, Indira Sugar Mill and Lumbini Sugar Mill are yet to clear their due worth Rs 481 million.

They say that these sugar mills are constantly delaying to clear their payment despite farmers repeated request.

Even as the crushing season of sugarcane has begun already, farmers are unable to sell these sugar mills sugarcane as they are not assured of their payment.

Moreover, farmers said that even the government is reluctant towards compelling sugar mill operators to clear dues of farmers.

Even statistics maintained by the government shows that Shree Ram Sugar Mill is yet to clear Rs 350 million dues of the farmers while Annapurna Sugar Mill owes Rs 170 million, Lumbini Sugar Mill Rs 84.1 million and Indira Sugar Mill Rs 47 million to sugarcane farmers.


Fiscal Nepal |
Thursday December 3, 2020, 01:45:21 PM |

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