SUBISU introduces 5GHz Dual Band Router for better internet experience

KATHMANDU: With the aims to provide better Internet experience to the customers, Subisu Cable net has introduced 5 GHz Dual Band Router to its customers.

Subisu 5GHz dual band router’s frequency facilitates the customer with a higher data range with negligible interference and offers a great deal when it comes to the Internet speeds for home Wi-Fi.

It has more features and advantages that meet the day-to-day demand of better Internet service, transforming the customers experience in much better way.

The company informed that they are upgrading its service time and again to provide quality service and better customer satisfaction to its customers.

Subisu has been providing Digital TV service, Retail and Enterprise Internet Solutions, Intranet Solutions, Data Center Solutions, Wireless Network Solutions, IP Surveillance Solutions, Network Security Solutions, MPLS VPNs, WAN Ethernet, Wholesale IP Transit, Integrated Security Solutions, VPS and Hosting Services and Cloud Computing/Virtualization services throughout the nation.

Similarly, Subisu is providing cable TV along with internet and network service provider in its title name of ‘Clear TV’. CLEAR TV has been introduced as the Nepal’s first Digital Cable Television service with MPEG4 High Definition and Standard Definition channels broadcasted to individual subscribers through Set Top Box using Conditional Access System over cable.

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Monday December 7, 2020, 03:29:41 PM |

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