Workers halt construction works of 900-MW Arun III Hydropower Project

KATHMANDU: Workers of the 900-megawatt Arun III Hydropower Project, the largest under construction hydel project in Nepal, have started protest halting project works.

Among different other demands, workers have primarily sought increment in their wages.

Workers especially working in the dam site of the project have besieged the project office saying that they have not been paid as per the rate fixed by the government. Similarly, they also charged the project for making them work for eight hours and project’s failure to pay their salaries on time.

Indian construction company JP Associates Construction developing the dam and tunnel in of Arun III project.

Contractors of the project have been obstructing works time and time again expressing dissatisfaction with the construction company for not increasing wages of the workers for a long time and not giving work to the local workers and laborers.

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Tuesday December 8, 2020, 12:23:38 PM |

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