NEPSE loses 39.6 points to close at at 1,955.75 points

KATHMANDU: The NEPSE index lost 39.6 points and closed at 1,955.75 today.

The index opened at 2,006.4. Total volatility of 60.83 points was observed, with the highest point being 2,009.81 and the lowest being 1,948.98.

The float index lost 2.43 points and closed at 132.69 while the Sensitive index is at 371.71 after losing 8.47 points.

Nepal Reinsurance Company Limited (NRIC) has the highest individual scrip turnover of Rs. 42.42 crores. The shares of Arun Kabeli Power Limited (AKPL) traded the most today.

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Wednesday December 9, 2020, 04:06:19 PM |

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