Govt starts purchasing paddy from farmers

KATHMANDU: Food Management and Trading Company has started buying paddy from farmers through the coupon system from Nepalgunj.

The company has started buying paddy paying the minimum support price fixed by the government, distributing coupons to make it easier for the farmers.

Based on this system, one farmer can sell up to 50 quintals of paddy per day. Due to the same arrangement, farmers are reaching the company’s divisional office on a daily basis with paddy based on their coupon numbers.

According to the company, the distributed coupon includes details of the farmers, the estimated quantity of paddy, and the date of delivery.

The company’s main branch office in Nepalgunj has set a target of purchasing 40,000 quintals of coarse and medium paddy in the first phase this year. The government has fixed the support price of thick sized paddy at Rs 2,735 per quintal and Rs 2,885 per quintal for medium-sized paddy.

This year the government has expected the paddy production to increase. Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development has stated that except few areas, paddy production has been increased in most of the region this year. However, the exact date is yet to be compiled.

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Thursday December 10, 2020, 09:55:33 AM |

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