10 Year Plan of NAC: Adding 12 aircraft to its fleet to entering profit after three years

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has recently endorsed its 10-years commercial plan.

The business plan, which has been approved by the corporation’s board, basically aims at improving financial state of the debt-ridden NAC and making Nepal Airlines competitive in the domestic and international market.

As NAC still operates on loss following its failure to effectively explore international market through its available wide-body aircraft, the commercial plan states that the government should support NAC financially for next three years. “NAC will explore its domestic and international market within three years and enter into profit from the fourth year,” states the NAC Commercial Plan.

Though NAC purchased two wide-body aircraft investing billions of rupee, it has not been able to fly to long-haul and new international destinations. As the result, the corporation is operating these costlier aircraft in loss.

Similarly, the commercial plan of NAC states that the corporation will add 12 aircraft (small and large) to its fleet by next ten years. The plan is to add four narrow-body aircraft to fly to different international destinations and other eight aircraft to fly to domestic destination.


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Sunday December 13, 2020, 12:04:46 PM |

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