Cane farmers begin fresh protest at Maitighar

KATHMANDU: Agitating sugarcane farmers have started fresh protest at Maitighar, Kathmandu from today seeking clearance of their outstanding due from sugar mill operators.

As sugar mill operators failed to clear their long-standing due while the government failed to take effective intervention to ensure that farmers get their payment, cane farmers are also preparing to stage protest in front of Singh Durbar and Prime Minister Office in Baluwatar.

While sugar mill operators are not in contact of farmers, the government could not materialize its repeated commitment to make sugar mills clear payment of farmers, as per farmers staging the protest.

“We had multiple agreements signed with the government where the government had assured us of making sugar mill operators clear our dues. However, as these agreements have not been implemented, we are into final phase of the protest. We will not halt the protest unless we get our payment,” said a sugarcane farmer.

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Sunday December 13, 2020, 01:21:28 PM |

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