Nepse brings data API, real time-data within 30 seconds

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) has brought a directory for the use of its real-time and past database.

With this, banks and financial institutions, investors, analysts and other stakeholders can get market data from Nepse paying certain charges. For this, Nepse will also provide

Now, financial institutions, research firms, news portals, analysts, students, and investors can ethically use market data after paying a certain fee. According to the new directory, NEPSE will provide an Application Programming Interface (API) for users.

API is a software intermediary that allows communication between Nepse’s database and the data seeker/consumer.

So far, users had been consuming market data from the website of Nepse which is often slow due to high traffic.

Stakeholders can now apply for API at Nepse. Those seeking API should disclose the purpose of data collection and also mention the IP addresses.

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Monday December 28, 2020, 12:55:55 PM |

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