KHUKRI music nation to rockstart the new year 2021

KATHMANDU: With the motive to celebrate Nepali music and bringing melodies and tunes to the music lovers, Khukri Rum is organizing biggest online concert ever in Nepal today, giving the rock start to New Year 2021.

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The event will be the toast to the New Year, the new beginning. The 2020 AD had been tough year for all, if music could heal than this musical concert is the remedy to the struggle of the past year, that too Nepali music.

There will be the performance from renowned musical Nepali Artists Samridhhi Rai, Sabin Rai & the Pharaoh, The Elements, Cobweb, the Axe band, Bipul Chettri and the travelling band. Nepali music admirer can view the performance exclusive in Khukri Youtube Channel and Dish Home. The event will begin from 6pm onwards in Khukri youtube channel and Dish home.

The event will also unveil top 16 contestants of Khukri Music Nation Contest – the search for the new Nepali musical star. Top 16 contestants will be selected by the panel of judges which includes Bipul Chettri, Samriddhi Rai and Sabin Raai.

The enthusiasts’ applicants had uploaded/submitted their musical cover videos in, the official website for the contest. The next round of the contest will be voting where the audience can vote for their favorite artist. This contest was open to all Nepali residing within Nepal or abroad.

Khukri rum always had its connection with music. Promoting Nepali music diversity from its available platform has been a priority. Khukri acknowledges the fact Nepali music is one of the components that enable us to proclaim ‘Garva Ka Saath Nepali”.


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