Construction works of Pokhara Int’l Airport in full swing as Chinese workers arrive

KATHMANDU: The construction of the Pokhara International Airport, which was halted after majority of Chinese workers could not come back Nepal due to COVID-19 pandemic, has gain momentum after Chinese workers came to resume works and complete the project.

As per the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), a total of 52 Chinese workers have arrived the project site and started project works.

Earlier, Chinese workers had left to their home country and could not come back to Nepal due to the pandemic. Later, the Chinese government made it mandatory for its people to travel abroad only after being vaccinated the COVID-19 vaccine.

All these Chinese workers have been received COVID-19 vaccine from the Chinese government.

CAAN has given approval to 158 Chinese workers to return Nepal and join the project.

As of today, the Pokhara International Airport (PIA) has has achieved 68 per cent physical progress.

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Sunday January 3, 2021, 01:01:57 PM |

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