NEA to bring additional 15MW electricity from Tanakpur

KATHMANDU: The Central Electricity Authority of India (CEA) on Friday gave permission to the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) to bring additional electricity from Tanakpur. Following this, NEA will import additional 15 MW of electricity from Tanakpur point of India.

NEA has been purchasing electricity from Tanakpur at INR 4.14 (6.62 Nepali rupees). Based on the Mahakali Treaty, Nepal has been getting 70 million units of electricity annually from Tanakpur free of cost.

“Up to 85 megawatt of electricity can be brought from Tanakpur as the CEA has given the permission,” said Hitendra Dev Shakya, managing director of the NEA.

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Sunday January 10, 2021, 01:48:54 PM |

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