IME Life Insurance appoints actress Manisha Koirala as its brand ambassador

KATHMANDU: Nepali Actress Manisha Koirala has been appointed as the brand ambassador of IME Life Insurance Company.

Kavi Phuyal, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, and actress Manisha Koirala signed an agreement to this effect on Sunday.

“We are pleased to appoint Koirala as the brand ambassador of IME Life Insurance and our team is very excited to work with her. She is a firm believer, capable, a source of inspiration, trustworthy, pioneering, simple, full of confidence and an ideal for every Nepali,” said Phuyal.

Phuyal also opined that together with Koirala, they will foster growth of the company and its brand.

On the occasion, IME Life Insurance also launched ‘IME with bot’ which is a chatbot system. The company plans to cater its services digitally to customers through this system.

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Monday January 11, 2021, 12:22:54 PM |

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