Govt sign agreement to send 500 workers to Israel

KATHMANDU: Nepal has signed a protocol with Israel to send 500 Nepali workers.

Kumar Dahal, Director General of the Department of Foreign Employment, and Khanan Goder, Ambassador of Israel to Nepal, signed the protocol today. According to the agreement to take 500 Nepali care givers, the two countries have discussed and prepared a protocol to send workers.

According to the department, an advertisement would be published by issuing an internal procedure to take workers as caregivers in Israel. According to the agreement, 60 percent of women and 40 percent of male caregivers will go to Israel. The caregivers will work in the care centers there.

Those who have passed SLC level and studied health care for 15 months or have completed 12 months and completed three months of caregiver training, who can speak English and Hebrew will be given the opportunity to go for this job. The Government of Nepal will select the workers.

The government’s previous agreement with Israel in 2015 to send caregivers did not benefit enough workers. The lottery system was implemented in the selection after many applications were received in low demand. As a result, many could not go to work even after learning the language. Manpower companies used to send caregivers to Israel.
Now, workers going to Israel will have to bear the cost of visa fees, medical fees, tickets, insurance, and so on.

Labor experts have questioned the agreement. The government has taken a policy that all the fees have to be paid by the employer country or the company there when sending workers through a manpower company. The manpower company has a policy of charging only the prescribed service fee.

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