‘T Plus Two’ in share trading

KATHMANDU: Preparation is underway to implement ‘T Plus Two’ in stock trading from next year.

The CDS and Clearing Company and broker companies have agreed to move ahead with the implementation of ‘T Plus Two’ from the second week of January.

According to CDS & Clearing Chief Executive Officer Purna Prasad Acharya, the board meeting to be held next Sunday will set the date for implementation of T Plus Two.

CDSC has made full preparations for this. Broker companies are also preparing. ‘

So far, T Plus Three has been implemented in stock trading. In other words, it has been cleared only within three days after the trading day.

When shares are traded, a kind of agreement is created between the buyer and the seller. The implementation of the agreement is clear. Only after clearing is the money deposited in the bank account of the seller and in the demat account of the buyer. Acharya says that after the implementation of T Plus Two, more enthusiasm will be added to the share trading.

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Sunday January 24, 2021, 11:16:24 AM |

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