Pathao to provide insurance to its customers and riders up to Rs 500,000

KATHMANDU: Pathao Nepal, on-demand transportation and food delivery platform has signed an agreement with Everest Insurance to provide insurance to its customers and riders. Under the agreement, the riders and customers will receive an insurance of Rs 500,000 in the case of death or any physical disability due to an accident during the ride.

Moreover, any customer or rider will also receive an amount up to Rs 100,000 for medical treatment in the case of an accident. The concerned one should claim their insurance within 30 days of the accident with all necessary documents required as per the insurance company’s rules. Any customers/riders using the Pathao app can avail of this service.

Asheem Man Singh Basynat, regional director of Patho Nepal said that they have been continuously striving for the last two years to provide insurance facilities to our customers and riders ensuring their safety. In line with this, we have signed an agreement with Everest Insurance.

“Now, our customers and riders can enjoy their ride believing in us. Pathao strongly stands for the safety and well-being of our customers and riders. We also feel honored to have been providing employment opportunity of thousands every day. Till date, we have provided training to more than 75,000 riders, and more than 13 lakhs customers have downloaded the Pathao app,” Basynat said.

Pathao has ride-sharing services of two wheelers and four-wheelers and recently has launched food delivery service.

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Tuesday January 26, 2021, 04:35:16 PM |

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