Arrival of foreign tourists up as travel restriction eases

KATHMANDU: Tourist arrival in recent months is increasing in the country.

With the Corona pandemic, the government had started lockdown from March 25. Since then, tourist arrivals have been steadily increasing.

After the lockdown, in January 2021, the highest number of tourists entered the country. According to the Department of Immigration, 8,874 tourists have entered Nepal in January.

During this period, 7,292 tourists have left the country. Tourist arrivals have also increased in January along with the resumption of flight service between Nepal and India.

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According to the department, 4,028 tourists have arrived from India in January alone. During this period, 3,511 Indian tourists have left the country.

A total of 1,877 tourists have come to Nepal from China during this period. The United States is in third place. There are statistics that 874 tourists have come to Nepal from the United States alone in January.

A total of 136 tourists have come to Nepal from the United Kingdom. It has been found that tourists from 121 different countries have come to Nepal in a period of one month.

Entrepreneurs expect the coronavirus vaccination campaign to have encouraging results in tourism as well.

Meanwhile, according to the department, the number of Nepali nationals coming to Nepal from abroad in January is higher than the number of Nepalis going abroad.

In one month, 47,267 Nepalis have returned home from different countries. During this period, 39,946 Nepalis have gone abroad.

According to the department, 56,141 passengers from different countries entered Nepal in January and 47,238 passengers left the country.

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