NAC bans two pilots from flying

KATHMANDU: Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has banned two pilots from flying aircraft after the pilot didn’t report NAC about technical problems of the aircraft.

According to NAC, RA 240 aircraft had made a hard landing at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) on January 8.
However, NAC got aware of the incident on February 9 via Flight Data Analysis Programme. The pilots are obliged to fillup Mandatory Occurrence Report (MOR) on every take-off and landing. However, the pilots didn’t report anything about the aircraft back then.

Thus, starting from February 24 NAC has banned pilots from flying aircraft.

“After the incident, we have asked Airbus if we can operate the flight. Airbus has replied that the aircraft can operate for the next two months however few tests are needed to be made for flight safety assurance,” said Karishma Shrestha, NAC spokesperson.

She further said that NAC has formed an investigation committee on February 23 comprising captain Vijay Lama, Manish Kumar Shah, senior captain Yuvraj Kumar and Dambar Rawat. Further action will be taken based on the report submitted by the probe team, Shrestha added.

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