Makkusé celebrates one month of its launch

KATHMANDU: Makkusé, the brand-new Nepali desserts company, has celebrate their first month since launch.

Makkusé aimed to revive authentic Nepali recipes, while adding in a modern flavour and presenting it to the larger Nepali and global audience; launched their line-up of pustakaris, gundpak and gundpak infused cookies.

Makkusé offers Pustakari (traditional milk-based hard candy), Rosewater & Pistachio Gundpak, Mocha Gundpak, Chocolate Gundpak Fudge Cookies and Gundpak infused oatmeal pumpkin seeds cookies. All of their products are inspired by traditional Nepali desserts and mixed with their innovative modern touch. The products are made of 100% pure condensed milk, popularly known as “Khuwa”. This ties into their attempt to strike a balance to between preserving authentic tastes, with innovative recipes.

The products are also a journey from the past, to the present, and move towards the future.

“Gundpak, pustakari have historically been consumed for not just their great taste but also have been appreciated for their nutritional value. We have tried to maintain that authenticity while being creative with the immense possibilities that were presented. Our products range from an authentic untouched past, then journeys into a playful present, and then leaps to an innovative and exciting future,” said, Anushka Shrestha, CEO and Co-Founder of Makkusé.

The company also champions young, women entrepreneurs, with Ms. Shrestha spearheading the success of Makkusé. As such, many other women entrepreneurs have praised and endorsed Makkusé for being women led, and helped cement women as leaders in the mostly male dominated society of Nepal.

The idea of Makkusé brewed amongst a group of young friends including the co-founder Anushka Shrestha, who is a Commerce graduate having pursued her higher education in Australia and is a returnee, and also is the current titleholder of Miss World Nepal 2019. Having had a taste of what it is like representing Nepal amongst a global audience at Miss World 2019, the idea of working on authentic Nepali recipes and presenting it to a wider global audience intrigued her even more and she has been leading the operations at Makkusé. She also hopes to exemplify the idea of brain gain – young minds leaving the country to pursue education abroad to come back home and the possibilities that await to be explored.

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