Subscription deadline for Ru Ru Jalabidhyut Pariyojana’s IPO expiring today

KATHMANDU: Today is the final day for subscribing for the initial public offerings (IPO) of Ru Ru Jalabidhyut Pariyojana.

The hydropower had issued a total of 407,706 units of shares for Rs 120 per unit of share on April 2.

Of the total units of shares, 8,154 units of shares have been allocated for staff members of the company, 20,385 for mutual fund and the remaining 379, 167 units of shares have been put aside for the public. Applicants can apply for minimum 10 units to entire units of the IPO by April 6.

NMB Capital is the issue manager.

Fiscal Nepal |
Tuesday April 6, 2021, 02:25:02 PM |

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