Step out of this darkness on your own: Banker Anil Keshary Shah


Today we are undergoing pandemic-led hardship at the individual level, family, society and the national level. We are in the middle of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and the second wave is very different than anything we have seen.

I still remember the first lockdown and the fear and uncertainty we were living in. We got used to with the lockdown and started accepting the new normal. But slowly and gradually, we started forgetting how dangerous and dark this pandemic is, I feel. We just gossiped on what happened in America, China, India and Australia.

But we forget to talk what things are being done here in Nepal. We spent talking throughout those valuable months when we could have done something, I feel.

Today, when this darkness has descended upon us, upon each and every one of us, we started to talk once again: Oh! We could have developed hospitals, managed health infrastructure, and installed oxygen plants, boosted vaccine supply.

I request, let us not once again spend time on thinking and talking what we could have done and what we should have done, please. Let us devote ourselves to what next should we do today. Let us be centric to necessities of today.

Many people I know have already breathed their last while many are rushing for oxygen, hospital beds and ventilators. Thus, do not be panic during the lockdown. Think of ways to stay safe and keep your family safe so that you never face a day to search for hospitals and hospital beds.

Each and every one of us is now responsible for your health and my health. We are responsible for our own well being and safety. Yes, mask is the biggest device/tool that protects us from this Covid-19. I suggest to put on not single but two masks. Along with this, wash your hand and sanitize it regularly. And if you are walking out, maintain social distancing.

I see people are in rush in banks and are not maintaining social distancing. Don’t be in such a rush to meet your ultimate end. Today, thousands of bankers, nurses, doctors and police officials are out in field to provide you essential services.

But if you are not in necessity of such services, do not go out. This isn’t time to enjoy, travel and meet friends. It is high time to stay home and stay safe. Your safety ensures safety of others as well. Because its only if each and every one of us stay safe, collectively all of us will be safe.

I request you, with folded hands, please stay home.

I have written message of condolence to so many of people across various groups, made phone calls and said May the Departed Soul Rest in Eternal Peace. I don’t want to say this, write this anymore. Time has come to start the solution from self. We need to win this pandemic collectively. We need to win our lives and lives of other together.

As always, I am so impressed with the youth of Nepal. Thousands of youths are doing what they can do from managing isolation centres to delivery oxygen to needy. I salute each and every one of them who are tirelessly serving people and the nation at such a hard time.

Let’s be positive and lets help fight this darkness from the individual level.

We all have faith and love towards our motherland Nepal. Time has come to think about on how to protect oneself, family, society and the mother nation from this pandemic. It is now time for me, you and for all of us to step up to keep ourselves safe so that we all can be safe.

Do not immediately rush to hospital if you test positive for coronavirus. People who are in dire need of hospitals are already in long queue. Unless symptoms are immense and alarming, stay home, monitor temperature and oxygen levels. If available, talk to doctors in phone, take their advices. Take care of yourself in your own home to the best of your ability.

My doctor friends tell me that up to 70 percent of Covid-19 patients visiting hospitals today, actually do not need to. They can stay home and take care. Those who are in actual need of hospitals and treatments are facing trouble not finding beds and treatments on time due to overcrowd across hospitals.

Before rushing to hospitals, judge the situation of your health. Leave hospitals, beds, oxygen and ventilators for those who are facing serious health problems. Take medical advices and do not go with the flow of the internet.

I have four members of my family positive to Covid-19 today. I will rush them to hospitals if required, but not immediately. We all can defeat this pandemic together. Do not panic. Panic gets us nowhere. Rational thinking is what is required.

To come out of this darkness, don’t wait for others to give you lights but light candle in your hand yourself and step out one by one.

(The text has been transcribed from visual message that banker and CEO of NABIL BANK, Anil Keshary Shah delivered via iCRAFTERS)

Anil Keshary Shah |
Monday May 17, 2021, 03:11:40 PM |

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