Making online purchase of goods in Nepal: Things you should consider

KATHMANDU: The Covid-19 pandemic has further enhanced the popularity of online shopping in Nepal. As people are confined in their homes during the lockdown and the prohibitory order, people have increasingly switched to making purchases online instead of visiting shops and groceries.

Amidst increasing trend of online shopping in Nepal, here are few points that customers should consider:

1. Shop from reputable retailers: Needless to say, this is the thing that everyone must be aware of. It is always best to shop from reputed retailers. Since there are many online retailers on the market right now, it is highly recommended that you do a little research about them before purchasing anything. Read the reviews posted by previous buyers to know the legitimacy of the retailers. If there are not any reviews, you might want to think twice before moving ahead.

2. Know exactly what you are buying: Before purchasing your product, make sure there is a clear picture and description of the item. The picture often looks attractive, but the description can help you know about the products in detail. In case of any confusion, make sure to have a proper chat and know about the products from the sellers themselves. Only purchase the products if the sellers provide security.

3. Check return policy: The things that you purchase online may not always be as good as you expect them to be. Proper communication must be done with the sellers about the return policy before purchasing. If the sellers are genuine, they will have no problem returning your purchase unless you cause any physical damage to the products. All the trusted online shopping sites like Daraz and Sastodeal have a return policy. The retailer you are purchasing from should also have it. Make sure that the product you purchase has another piece in stock because some sellers can sell you those products at a lower price and then claim it is out of stock, to try to sell you something else in a switch scam.

4. Check the security of personal information: The sellers usually ask you to provide your phone number, address and mailing address for the delivery. But, if they ask for anything else like your bank account information or your driving licence number, just walk away from that purchase. Reading the site’s privacy policy allows you to know how your personal information will be used. Usually, the reputed websites have a clear privacy policy for their buyers and let the buyers know how their personal information is being used by them. It is better to purchase from those who provide the privacy policy so that you can be aware of how your personal information is being used.

5. Know about the payment system: Usually, people only pay for their product after the delivery and it should be the same in every case. If they ask for partial payment, make sure to check their history. If they do not have any, just do not get yourself engaged with them. Many people have been cheated this way. The scammers usually provide an exciting offer and ask certain portion of the payment to make sure of the purchase. After you make the payment, they can ghost you and even use your personal information. Avoid transactions if they are not using any secure payment system. Payment on delivery is always the best option.





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