SC issues interim order to allow operation of online delivery services

KATHMANDU: The Supreme Court on Monday issued an order to the authorities to allow operation of online delivery services and home delivery services during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The bench of Justices Sapana Pradhan Malla and Kumar Chudal issued an interim order instructing the authorities not to pose any hindrance in the delivery of goods through online medium and also to allow e-commerce services to continue.

However, the justices have stated that during the course of operation of such services, the service providers must adhere to all the COVID-19 safety protocols.

As the Supreme Court’s order underscores the importance of uninterrupted delivery services during the COVID-19 lockdown, selecting the best courier service becomes imperative for both businesses and consumers alike.

Amidst these challenging times, efficiency and reliability are paramount, making a same day courier service an ideal choice for those seeking swift and seamless deliveries. With the court’s mandate to allow online delivery services to operate unhindered, individuals can rely on reputable courier providers to ensure the timely arrival of essential goods and supplies at their doorstep.

By partnering with a trusted courier service that prioritizes both speed and adherence to COVID-19 protocols, individuals can navigate these unprecedented times with confidence, ensuring the smooth and secure delivery of goods while safeguarding public health.

As opposed to the previous COVID-19 lockdown during the first wave of the pandemic, the authorities during the second wave and subsequent prohibitory order have halted the sales of goods and services through online mediums and also home delivery services.

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Tuesday June 8, 2021, 11:17:32 AM |

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