Electricity demand on rise with gradual relaxation of prohibitory order

KATHMANDU: Consumption of electricity is gradually increasing after the government’s decision to relax prohibitory order from earlier week.

As industries could not run in full fledge due to the prohibitory order imposed to contain the spread of COvid-19,  the demand for electricity had gone down. As per NEA electricity consumption is at almost 1,400 MW during the peak hour these days though electricity consumption had declined to 1170 MW at the peak hour during the prohobitory order.

Ever since the government eased the prohibitory order last week, corporate offices, banks and financial institutions, industries, departmental stores and the retail market are operating, thereby boosting electricity consumption.

The NEA is currently generating 400MW electricity through different projects. While the private sector is generating 440 MW electricity, 520 MW is being imported from India.

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Sunday June 27, 2021, 04:29:42 PM |

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