Hong Kong-based organization extends support for trekking porters in Nepal

KATHMANDU: To be a Nepali porter is among the most challenging jobs. They are trekking (sometimes barefoot) across Himalayan glaciers more than 5000 metres above sea level. They carry very heavy loads and they often support big families and their well-being was drastically affected by the absence of tourists due to Corona virus.

During the time of the pandemic the Hong Kong society Mix & Match decided to support trekking porters in Nepal. Chairman of Mix & Match Society, Dina Nath Bagale, highlighted that trekking porters have no jobs since 2019. He decided to organize campaigns to support them and their families. The Mix & Match Society collaborated with Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra run that organized the sale of their products for donations.

Dina Nath Bagale said that the Society is very pleased by the results and the support HK people provided in response to his call. Money were transferred to Nepal and 77 porters received support from the Mix and Match Society. They expressed sincere gratitude to HK people and the Mix&Match Society for this initiative.

Bagale stressed the importance to continue with this type of initiative and indicated that the next action will help people of Nepal who were affected by landslides and floods that affected.

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Friday July 2, 2021, 03:40:13 PM |

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