Pranab Jung Pandey: An entrepreneur born out Covid-19 crisis

KATHMANDU: Pranab Jung Pandey would have been studying Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) in Kathmandu or would have gone abroad, had there not been the lockdown and other prohibitory orders to contain the spread of Covid-19 in Nepal. But this lockdown proved positive for Pandey as it gave an opportunity for him to be established as a young Nepali entrepreneur.

The first phase of lockdown became a real ‘turning point’ in Pranab’s life. Pranab, 17, was studying in class 12 at the Global College of Management. The annual exam was postponed due to the pandemic. As the country went through several months of lockdown, this made him lazy and started questioning himself: How long to stay confined this way inside home?

In the meantime, seeing Prabab lingering inside home for long, his grandfather Pradip Jung Pandey thought that the lockdown period could be the time for his grandson to learn to work. Eventually, Pranab’s grandfather sent him to his pharmaceutical company, Lomas Pharmaceuticals.

While the Covid-19 wiped out some old and traditional businesses, it also gave birth to many new ‘business ideas’. Among them are production of masks, sanitizers, fever gauges and PPEs. As the demand for quality sanitizers increased in the market, Lomas Pharmaceuticals turned to production of sanitizer and other Covid-related materials.

Lomus Pharmaceuticals launched an automatic dispenser for home and office security, the ‘Hand X’, by bringing in dispensers from China’s number one company, based on criteria set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

It was the energy and will of young entrepreneur Pandey that Lomus Pharmaceutical, which is in the pharmaceutical industry for three decades, entered into production of sanitizers in the country to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Amidst extreme shortage in the market and increasing consumer demand, the company started supplying sanitizers in 100 ml and 500 ml bottles to all pharmacies and department stores.

Pandey, who went to learn to work in Lomus Pharmaceuticals, is now the director of the Hand X Department. “I learned that crisis also comes with an opportunity. “Covid-19 proved to be disaster for many, but for me it became an opportunity,” shared Pandey.

When workers could not come to office, Pandey worked himself and went on to deliver these essential goods in the market. “As people were fighting with Covid-19 and there was shortage of sanitizers, I myself ensured delivery of sanitizers to department stores within seven days of placing order,” remembers Pandey.

Not only that, he also advertised online for branding his business, boosted his official page and products on Facebook. He rushed to the German and Japanese embassies to promote the new product. He himself delivered free sanitizers to Bhatbhateni Stores, Nepali Army, Armed Police Force, Nepal Police, Traffic Police, Pashupati Area Development Fund.

These young traders gave a high-quality product to consumer and ensured that use of Hand X Sanitizer does not result to problems like itching, sores, and soreness. Pandey states that the market of Nepal and India is different from other countries of the world. Even those with a PhD in market science find it difficult to understand the Nepali market. He considers himself blessed to have been easily immersed in Nepal’s market.

Pranab Jung is third generation businessman of the Pandey family. Grandchildren to grandfather, all are active in business. Pranab’s father Prabal Jung Pandey looks after cement and other production in Lomus Group. Uncle Prajwal Jung looks after the pharmaceutical industry while another uncle Pratap Jung Pandey is in charge of banks, finance and tourism.

Pranab Jung Pandey, a descendant of Kalu Pandey, a great hero of Nepal’s unification, was born on Kartik 4, 2058 BS in Baluwatar, Kathmandu. After completing SLC from Kashtmandap School, he studied up to class 12 at the Global College of Management. He is currently studying BBA in the second semester at Kathmandu University School of Management. At this young age, his confidence in business is amazing.

Pranab’s grandfather is his source of inspiration. He learned from his grandfather on how to be practical in life. “Grandfather teaches me some new thing every day. He reminds me of business and my responsibility every time,” said Pranab.

Pranab is equally active in the stock market. He wants to start a new startup every year. For that, they are holding talks with Direct Cell. Pranab Jung is also interested in literature. The poem he wrote during the lockdown (Come Corona Come) went viral.

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