Govt raises public transportation fare by 28 percent effective from today

KATHMANDU: The government has raised public transport fares. Issuing a notice, the Department of Transport Management (DoTM) informed that the public transportation fare has been increased by 28 percent.

The fare of heavy vehicles operating on hilly roads has been increased by 20 percent while the fare of heavy vehicles operating on the Tarai road has been increased by 26 percent, as per the department.

“The fare has been increased after studying and analyzing inflation in different fuel and non-fuel items associated to public transportation,” informed DoTM officials.

Similarly, the department has claimed that public transportation fare has been reviewed based on the Scientific Fare Determination Mechanism of the government.

The mechanism states that public transportation fare be revised along with the change in price of components like fuel, lubricants, tyre and vehicle spare parts, among others, by five per cent in aggregate. The mechanism has given 35 per cent weightage to fuel price and 65 per cent weightage to the price of other components while reviewing public transportation fare.


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Wednesday July 14, 2021, 04:12:33 PM |

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