Number of deposit accounts across the country reach 120 percent of the population

KATHMANDU: According to the NRB, the number of depositors opening accounts in banks and financial institutions has reached 36.36 million by mid-June. The NRB said this while releasing the ‘Study Report on Financial Access in Nepal’ on Friday. The number of deposit accounts across the country has reached 120 percent of the population.

According to the NRB, 67.34 percent of the population has at least one bank account. As of mid-July 2076, the number of Nepalis with bank accounts was 60.9 percent. Thus, in the last one year, 7 percent citizens have opened a new bank account.

People are still focused on savings deposits. Even though banks offer more money on term deposits, the number of citizens who are willing to keep money in banks for a long time is very low. Out of the deposit accounts, only 3.1 percent are term deposit accounts and 90.6 percent are savings deposit accounts.

But the number of borrowers is very low. At present, there are a total of 1.682 million 845 loan accounts in Nepal, according to the NRB. Even in this, dozens of loan accounts fall under the responsibility of one person. NRB data shows that only 4.63 percent of the deposit account is a credit account and the pockets of many people are being invested in a limited number of people.

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