Qatar is a neutral mediator and don’t have influence on the Taliban: Qatar DPM

KATHMANDU: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani affirmed that Qatar is a key supporter of humanitarian efforts to evacuate individuals from Afghanistan.

He stated that Qatar does not have any influence on the Taliban, but neutral mediator between the various parties in Afghanistan.

He explain to the Media that Qatar has played unique role to keep peace and to evacuate individuals from Afghanistan. He added that Qatar airways played vital role to transfer foreign national from Afghanistan to their country. Until Monday the number of evacuated people reached 7 thousand and it is expected to increase more.

Embassy of the State of Qatar in Kabul is particularly engaged to help people in need Deputy Prime Minister Al-Thani said. We are trying to reach to those national whom their country people cannot reach.

He added That Qatar is working to transfer people who wants to leave Afghanistan and mediating with international community to keep peace but we don’t have influence to Taliban. We are trying to reduce humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan Deputy prime Minister and Foreign minister Al-Thani said.

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