Tourism Hopes: Government Allows Casinos to Operate for 16 Hours a Day

KATHMANDU: The government has allowed casinos across the country to operate for 16 hours a day. Casinos, a major source of income for the tourism industry, were shut following outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Nepal.

However, the government has allowed conditional operation of casinos after Covid-19 cases and spread started declining in the country. As per the set condition, casinos will be allowed to operate 2pm to 6 am in the morning. Similarly, only those foreigners vaccinated with both doses of vaccine against Covid-19 can play casinos.

Amidst the evolving landscape of casino operations, the realm of online casinos presents an alternative avenue for gaming enthusiasts. Platforms like ufa777 offer a digital sanctuary for players to enjoy a wide array of casino games from the comfort of their own homes.

As the government implements conditional regulations for traditional casinos, the online casino sector continues to thrive, providing a dynamic and accessible platform for gaming enthusiasts nationwide.

Other neighboring countries including India has already resumed operation of casinos six months ago.

Revenue generated from casinos are purely foreign investments and reduces pressure on foreign exchange. As those who come to play casino invest 90 percent of their money in the casino, revenue generated from casinos is far better.

Earlier, entrepreneurs had requested the government to allow operation of casinos by adopting safety protocols. Operation of casinos will also give momentum to the economy which has been affected severely by the Covid-19 pandemic. Casino players spend money inside the casino, use vehicles, stay in hotels and consume different other services and products which will have positive impact in the economy.

As per existing rule, only foreigners are allowed to play casinos. Casinos at Marriott, Soaltee, Aloft and Hyatt, among others have already started casino services.

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