Automobile dealers launch festive schemes to boost their business

KATHMANDU: With Dashain and Tihar festival around the bend, automobile dealers have rolled out lucrative festive schemes to attract customers.

Leading brands like Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata, Nisan and Datsun, among others have already come up with festival schemes. Automobile dealers offer benefits ranging from cash discounts to gift hampers in their schemes. They announce attractive schemes before Dashain-Tihar festive season in a bid to boost their business which have been hit-hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The automobile business in the country got affected largely after the government imposed the lockdown/prohibitory order. However, the auto business caught momentum after the lockdown was lifted and the market was opened gradually. Entrepreneurs say that the demand for different vehicles today have increased significantly, especially after dealers announced their Dashain-Tihar offers made public. Along with offers, auto dealers have launched also new car models in the market.

As consumers increasingly prioritize cost-effective and dependable choices, the attractiveness of used cars is on the rise. Dealerships specializing in used cars stockpot are playing a crucial role in meeting this demand, providing a variety of options that resonate with the festive theme of making thoughtful and value-conscious decisions. The appeal of perusing used cars in Stockport during this festive season extends beyond potential savings; it also offers the opportunity to find a trustworthy and well-maintained vehicle that perfectly fits the celebratory atmosphere of Dashain and Tihar celebrations.

Amidst the resurgence of the automobile business post-lockdown, individuals contemplating car upgrades are presented with an opportune moment to sell their current vehicles. Platforms facilitating the process to Sell Car Online offer a convenient avenue for sellers to capitalize on the increased demand for used cars. With dealerships emphasizing festive offers and new car models, sellers can leverage the current market dynamics to secure a competitive price for their vehicles. The celebratory atmosphere of Dashain and Tihar offers the perfect opportunity for individuals to bid farewell to their current vehicles and transition to newer models that better suit their changing needs and preferences.

After the surge in demand for vehicles following the enticing Dashain-Tihar offers and the introduction of new car models, it’s imperative for car owners to pay attention to the maintenance and care of their vehicles. One crucial aspect often overlooked is the protection of the vehicle’s interior and exterior. Post-purchase, it becomes essential for owners to invest in maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of their cars or trucks. Among the key elements, seat covers play a pivotal role in safeguarding the interior of vehicles.

In this regard, automobile enthusiasts are increasingly recognizing the significance of seat covers for 4x4s. These specially designed seat covers not only enhance the visual appeal of the vehicle’s interior but also provide practical benefits such as protecting the original upholstery from wear and tear. As car owners become more conscientious about preserving the resale value of their vehicles, the market for seat covers for 4x4s has witnessed a notable uptick. It is now considered a prudent investment to ensure that the interior remains in impeccable condition, contributing to an overall enhanced driving experience.

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CG Motocorp, the authorized distributor of Suzuki cars in Nepal, has launched the Suzuki Festive offer and schemes. Under the scheme, customers will be able to get cash discount of Rs 200,000, exchange bonus up to Rs 150,000, loyalty bonus of up to Rs 20,000 and one year car insurance as well as additional discount of up to Rs 75,000 through scratch card. Customers will also get different discounts according to Suzuki’s model and special discounts on clearance models. The scheme will be valid for limited time period in all 38 Suzuki’s showrooms across the country. Under the Suzuki brand, vehicles are being sold in models including S-Presso, Wagon R, Ignis, Swift, Baleno, Dzire, Ciaz, Brezza, S-Cross, Ertiga, xl 6, Eeco Cargo, Super Carry.



Proton has brought “Dashain Dakshina Yojana” targeting the festival. The scheme will implement from September 3 in Proton’s showrooms in Kathmandu, Butwal, and Pokhara. Under ‘Dashain Dakshina’ scheme, customers will get Rs 100,000 to Rs 600,000 for the purchase of Proton Saga and x70 vehicles, exchange bonus of Rs 50,000 to Rs 200,000, discount of Rs 50,000 to Rs 250,000 on the purchase of a new Proton vehicles and spare parts free of cost. The customers will also be able to buy vehicles on EMI’s.


Lakshmi Intercontinental, the authorized distributor of Hyundai motors for Nepal, has introduced the “Hyundai Festive Daylight 2078” festive plan. Under the scheme, customers will get a new ‘Hyundai i20’ as a bumper gift for every Hyundai vehicles purchased through lucky draw. In addition, the company has introduced a cash discount scheme of up to Rs 300,000. They will also be able to get additional discount of up to Rs 100,000 and free insurance and free road tax (current year) for up to one year through scratch card. In addition, every Hyundai vehicle is purchased with 6 years free services and 3 year warranty with a one year insurance.


Force Motors Company has unveiled “Force Motors Dashain-Tihar 10 different offers”. The company has announced plans to offer its customers a 10 percent cash discount on Dashain-Tihar, a 10 percent discount on spare parts, 10 free servicing and 10 lucky draw Samsung F52 smart Phone. In addition, each model of Force vehicle will have a warranty of 3 years and up to 300,000 kilometers.


Sipradi Trading Pvt. ltd., sole distributors of Tata motors for Nepal, has made public offer entitled “Yespali ko Dashain-Tihar Tata ka safest car Harshamay Parivar” to the buyers of new vehicles on the occasion of Dashain. Under the scheme, the company will get a cash discount of Rs 200,000. In addition to this, free one year car tax, free service with 3 year warranty and attractive bonus have been arranged. The company has also made arrangements for free accessories and free ownership transfer.

At this time, customers can visit any Tata’s showrooms to see the new design products: Tata H5, Nexon, Tiago, Tigor, Altroz, including vehicles, test drive and the benefits of the plan, the company said.



Pioneer Moto Corp, the official distributor of Nissan vehicles, has unveiled the “Nissan Festive Drive” offer for Dashain. Under the schemes, customers will be able to avail benefits of Rs 352,271. In which, the company will be able to get 250,000 cash discount. The company has also offered Dashain-Tihar targeted 1 year insurance, 1 year road tax, 3 years free servicing and 3 years warranty.


Kuzu Nepal, Nepal’s official distributor for DFSK, has unveiled a scheme in view of the festive season. Customers who want to buy DFSK Glory-I auto will be able to board the vehicles by paying a Down payment of only Rs 1.5 million. In addition, cash discount of up to Rs 350,000, exchange bonus of Rs 50,000, annual tax exemption of one fiscal year. Customers who do not want to avail cash discount can opt for Yadea brand premium electric scooter C1S or G5 or an electric mountain bike. Customers who want to buy DFSK Glory 560 will be able to get a car even after maling a down payment of only Rs 1 million. The company will give Rs 250,000 cash discount on Glory 560. Instead of a cash discount, you can buy Yadea’s scooter or mountain bike. The price of this scooter and mountain bike will equal to 250,000. On DFSK Glory 560, the company has given Rs 50,000 exchange bonus and free one year annual tax.


Pioneer Moto Corp, the official dealer of Datsun vehicles in Nepal, has launched the “Datsun Festive Hot Deal” scheme in Nepali market in the occasion of Dashain. Considering that Dashain is golden opportunity for car buyers, the company has come up with this attractive schemes. In this scheme, the customer has a special facility equal to a total of Rs 241,052. In addition to this, Rs 125,000 cash discount, customers who buy new car will receive a Redmi Note 10S worth Rs 28,000. Company has also made arrangements for one year insurance and vehicle tax, warranty and servicing.Along with this, immediate finance and exchange facility offer is there for customers.

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