25 multinational companies repatriates Rs 28 billion dividends last year

KATHMANDU: Foreign companies that have invested in Nepal have repatriated more than Rs 28 billion in dividends last year despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

As foreign investment climate has been improving in Nepal, foreign firms have increased investment in Nepal to make a good return. These 25 companies repatriated more than Rs 28 billion for share sale, dividend and royalty.

As per the Department of Industry (DoI), Surya Nepal, Gorkha Brewery, Ncell, Unilever and Marsyangdi Hydropower are among the 25 companies that have repatriated most of the dividends. Surya Nepal has repatriated Rs 3 billion, Gorkha Brewery Rs 1.72 billion, Ncell Rs 1.19 billion, Unilever Rs 1 billion and Marsyangdi Hydropower Rs 408.5 million in dividends and royalties last year.

As per the Department, multinational companies including Ncell and Gorkha Brewery have taken royalties several times last year. Foreign companies have to pay 15 percent tax when repatriating profits abroad.


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Monday September 20, 2021, 10:13:41 AM |

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