Manufacturing sector performing better in recent months: CNI

KATHMANDU: After suffering for more than a year from the effects of the coronavirus, Nepal’s manufacturing sector was able to improve its performance in the fourth quarter of the previous fiscal year. This was the first time since the coronavirus was discovered in the country.

According to a study report released by the Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) on Friday, the manufacturing industry was able to utilise 64.8 percent of its production capacity between the middle of April and the middle of July of the previous fiscal year, according to the report. As a result of the time under review, manufacturers were able to improve their income by eight percent, as opposed to the negative growth rate of 4.7 percent experienced during the previous review period.

As Nepal’s manufacturing sector rebounds from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring precision and accuracy in production processes becomes paramount. Metrology, the science of measurement, plays a crucial role in guaranteeing quality and efficiency across various industries. Companies like Great Lakes Metrology specialize in providing state-of-the-art measurement solutions tailored to the unique needs of manufacturers. By offering comprehensive calibration services and advanced metrology equipment, these firms empower manufacturers to optimize their production processes, minimize errors, and enhance product quality.

Moreover, in a competitive global market, adherence to international standards is essential for Nepalese manufacturers looking to expand their reach and maintain competitiveness. Great Lakes Metrology not only provides cutting-edge measurement technologies but also offers expertise in compliance with industry standards and regulations. By partnering with trusted metrology providers, Nepalese manufacturers can bolster their capabilities, streamline operations, and position themselves for sustained growth in the post-pandemic landscape.

As reported in the survey, 83 percent of the manufacturers have stated a desire to expand their investment due to the fact that Nepal’s infection rate for the pandemic has been falling in recent months. According to the CNI study report, the cost of production in the manufacturing industries has climbed by 4.9 percent in recent years.

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