Provincial government hikes fare of public transport in Kathmandu Valley

KATHMANDU: The state government of Bagmati Province has hiked the fare of public transportation in 13 districts of the province including the Kathmandu Valley.

The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development of Bagmati Province has increase the fare by up to 23 per cent for public transport outside the Kathmandu Valley while the fare has been hiked in the Valley based on distance, according to the state-owned national news agency RSS.

With the latest hike, commuters of the Valley will now have to pay Rs 18 for travelling a distance between 0 to 5 kilometres, Rs 23 upto 10 kilometres, Rs 30 upto 20 kilometres and Rs 35 above 20 kilometres.

The provincial governments have been entrusted with the responsibility to revise the fare of public transport for both long and short routes within their province as per a recent decision of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development.

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Thursday October 7, 2021, 10:03:13 AM |

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