Govt reduces electricity tariff rate effective from November 17

KATHMANDU: The government has lowered the electricity tariff rate which will come into an effect from November 17.

At a press meet on Wednesday, the Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC), unveiled the new rates of electricity under which households consuming electricity through the 5 Ampere capacity line will have to pay Rs 30 for using up to 20 units per month.

The rate will be Rs 3 per unit for electricity consumption of more than 20 units.

The electricity tariff rate for the single-phase service users has been reduced from Rs 10 per unit to Rs 9.50 per unit for the consumption of electricity between 51 units and 250 units. Likewise, those consuming electricity of more than 250 units a month will have to pay electricity bills at Rs 11 per unit, which is Re 1 less than the existing rate.


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Thursday October 28, 2021, 09:08:14 AM |

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