National Land Commission to provide land to landless squatters from mid-January 2022

KATHMANDU: The National Land Commission is preparing to initiate the process to distribute land to the landless Dalits, landless squatters and unsystematic settlers in the country from mid-January next year.

Chairperson of the commission Keshav Niraula shared that the land would be distributed prioritizing the Dalits not having their own land.

The erstwhile dissolved Landless Squatters Problems Resolution Commission, based on the applications received from the landless squatters in 40 districts and records kept in other districts, had registered 1.5 million to 1.7 million landless squatters in the country, according to Niraula.

Nirauala shared that the commission, which is preparing to distribute land, will make public its plans once the legal process is completed.

Identification and classification of the landless squatters will be carried out in the presence of all political parties, local level representatives and civic societies, he said.

He assured that the landless squatters’ problems will be resolved from mid-January 2022. “We are planning to distribute land ownership certificates to a large number of beneficiaries.”

The works undertaken by the erstwhile government will be continued following necessary investigation. The commission’s undertaking should not be politically smeared, he opined.

Similarly, under-secretary of the commission, Mani Regmi shared that the land distribution work will be forwarded with the commission gaining a full shape.

Those residing in the public land will be relocated to the legally-registered lands while those residing in the urban areas would get 130 square metres of land.

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Thursday October 28, 2021, 11:42:42 AM |

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