Operators aggressive in 4G expansion, 6.6 million users added in one year

KATHMANDU: Number of 4G internet users has increased by 6.6 million in a year. As per Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), the number of 4G users has increased from 5.516 million in mid-September last year to 121.7 million till mid-September this year.

As of mid-September, Nepal Telecom has 6.268 million 4G users, Ncell has 5.725 4G users and Smart Telecom 176,000 4G users. Until mid-September last year, Nepal Telecom had 1.64 million 4G users, Ncell had 3.729 4G users and Smart Telecom had 182,000 4G users.

Nepal Telecom has increased the number of 4G users by 4.663 million and Ncell has increased the number by 1.996 million in last one year. Meanwhile, 4G users of Smart Telecom has dropped by 5,000. Although Nepal Telecom was the first company to lunch 4G service in Nepal, Ncell was aggressive in service expansion.

In the current year, Nepal Telecom has put itself ahead in the competition. As of mid-September, data service of Nepal Telecom has reached 18 million customers while that of Ncell has reached 8.161 million customers. Smart Telecom has 176,000 data service users while ISPs have 7.7 million data service customers. In total, there are 34.5 million data service users in Nepal which is 110 percent of the country’s population.

On the one hand, the use of 3G and 4G internet services is increasing while on the other hand, the NTA has emphasized on the use of WiFi in public places. Wi-Fi has reached places including Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit, Lumbini premises, Janaki Temple Premises, Pathibhara, Swargadwari, Barahakshetra, Muktinath and Jomsom. According to NTA, necessary infrastructure has reached in 1,000 community schools to increase access to internet and technology in community schools.

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