Three and a half years after the start of production, electricity has reached Hongshi Cement

KATHMANDU: The electricity of national transmission has reached Hongshi Cement, located in Sardi of Nawalparasi (east of Bardaghat Susta).

The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has supplied electricity to the cement industry from Saturday through the Bardaghat-Sardi 132 KV transmission line from the substation in Bardaghat. The transmission line and substation were charged at 9 pm on Saturday and electricity was supplied to the industry.

Hongshi will consume 30 MW of electricity. The industry, which is about to increase production capacity, will need additional 50 MW of electricity.

The cement industry has been provided direct electricity through 132 KV transmission line. For this, the cement industry has taken power supply by connecting 31.5 MVA capacity transformer in its premises. The tariff of 132 KV is cheaper than the customers who get power supply from 11 and 33 KV transmission megawatt lines. The industry was supplying electricity through 14 diesel generators of 1.4 MW due to power outage. The industry had been consuming 60,000 liters of diesel daily for this.

NEA director Bhakta Bahadur Pun, executive director Kulman Ghising, deputy executive director of Distribution and Customer Service Directorate Manoj Silwal and others were present on the occasion.

The industry has been provided electricity supply by making alternative arrangements after the construction of Bardaghat-Sardi 132 KV transmission line project being constructed for Hongshi Cement Industry was delayed. Electricity has been supplied to the industry through Dumkibas-Sardikhand of Bardaghat-Sardi 132 KV transmission line by tapping the electricity coming from 220 KV transmission line. Electricity has been provided to the industry by charging the completed sections of Bardabat-Bharatpur 220 KV and Bardaghat-Sardi 132 KV transmission lines.

The Bardaghat-Sardi 132 KV 20 km double circuit transmission line is being constructed as per the announcement of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply to supply electricity to the cement industry. Construction of KV transmission line has not been completed due to delay in forest land use and tree felling approval and problems in acquisition of private land. The project was started in the Fiscal Year 2073/74 with an investment of USD 4 million by the Government of Nepal.

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