Mobile Number Portability System: Get service from desired networks by having same phone number

KATHMANDU: Almost five years since discussion, Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has prepared a draft regulation to implement the Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

The draft, which has recently been made public for suggestions, has provision whereby users of a service provider will be able to easily take the service of another service provider, through the same SIM card number, if they are not satisfied with the service of the mobile service provider they are using or want to change the service.

By using this service consumers will be able to get service from desired networks by having same phone number.

As per the draft, if the mobile user wants to avail the service of another service provider from his existing number, he/she will have to formally apply to the service. Meanwhile, SIM cards with at least 90 days after activation, can avail such services.

Similarly, the customer should not have any liability with the existing service provider to avail such service. Such service will not be available if the court has barred the customer from changing the service provider. When using the services of another service provider, the user himself must sign that the number is has not been stolen, lost or used in criminal activities.

A preliminary survey conducted four years back showed that the project wasn’t feasible due unmatched amount of users with telecoms but now the problem is lack of fulfillment of GSM-to-GSM criteria.


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Friday November 19, 2021, 11:04:14 AM |

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