US urges Nepal to take decision on MCC Compact by Dec 14

KATHMANDU: The United States has urged Nepal to take decisions on the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact before December 14.

During his recent visit to Nepal, US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Donald Lu urged the government to ratify the MCC at the earliest.

US officials have been piling pressure on Nepal to take a quick decision on whether to accept the MCC grant or not. They have urged the Prime Minister and the top political leaders to take a firm decision on MCC and ratify it through the parliament for the implementation of the agreement.

The visit of the high-level delegation led by Lu comes about a after the official visit of MCC Vice President Fatima Sumar seeking endorsement of the pact.

Lu has made it clear that the US government would have no objection even if the MCC is rejected. “It is up to the government of Nepal and the Parliament to decide whether to pass the MCC or not. We want the government to approve it and move forward,” Lu said while talking to media persons in Kathmandu on November 19 before wrapping up his visit.

Lu said that if the MCC Compact is not approved, it will be given to some other country. Several countries are looking for the grant. Meanwhile, the Nepalese government should take a quick decision about it.

According to Lu, the MCC board holds a review meeting every three months. It reviews the status of the project. The next board meeting will be held on December 14. The US wants Nepal to take a decision before the next review meeting. The grant agreement was signed between Nepal and the MCC in 2017.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has said the five-party alliance will take a decision on the issue of MCC. Talking to journalists here Sunday, the Finance Minister viewed the current government would move ahead as per the decision of the coalition partners.

“Discussion is underway on this issue (MCC) in the coalition. Discussion is ongoing even in the government,” he added. He further said that every decision would be made from the alliance since the present government was formed for the development of the country and safeguard and implementation of the constitution.



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