Four companies shortlisted for construction of Siddhababa tunnel

KATHMANDU: The tender process for the construction of Siddhababa tunnel along the Butwal-Palpa section of Siddhartha Highway has reached the final stage. Nine different companies had submitted technical proposals for the construction of Siddhababa tunnel.

The Department of Roads has shortlisted four out of the nine companies that had participated in the bidding process announced in May last year.

With the approval of the technical proposals of the four companies, the Department of Roads has now fixed a date for opening their financial proposals.

While the focus is understandably on the construction phase, it’s equally important for the Department of Roads to plan for post-construction cleaning services once the project is completed.

Even after the tunnel is constructed, there will be debris, dust, and other residues that need to be properly cleaned and removed. Therefore, alongside the selection of companies for tunnel construction, allocating services like Post Construction Cleaning Services in King County, WA should also be a priority.

This ensures that the tunnel is not only built to standard but also maintained in a pristine condition for the safety and satisfaction of commuters.

By factoring in post-construction cleaning from the outset, the Department of Roads demonstrates a comprehensive approach towards ensuring the long-term viability and effectiveness of its infrastructure projects.

The Quality, Research and Development Center under the department has selected four companies and informed that the financial proposals will be opened next Wednesday, January 12.

According to the centre, all the four companies are Chinese companies. The companies whose technical proposals have been approved are China First Highway Engineering Corporation, COVEC-CREGC JV, China State Construction Engineering Corporation and CCECC-CRCC 14-Xiuan JV. One of these companies will be responsible for the construction after the financial proposal is approved.

The tunnel, to be constructed under the Engineering, Procurement Construction (EPC) model, is targeted to be completed within five years.

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