Fast-Track set to miss deadline as construction works yet to begin

KATHMANDU: Members of National Assembly said the completion of the Terai-Madesh (Fast-Track) will not be able to complete within the next two years. Members of the National Assembly claimed that the construction work had not started yet and there isn’t any basis to complete it within Fiscal Year 2080/81.

Ram Narayan Bidari, along with his team had returned after the inspection of the Expressway with Nepal Army on December 6. The team member had discussed about the problems in the committee. During the discussion, the membets pointed out that to resolve the land acquisition dispute in the Khokana and Bungmati area the government should provide the necessary facilitation.

Khimlal Devkota, member of the committee, said the problems can be solved if the government had goof discussion within its own alliance. He further added,” In the Khokana area there is the presence of political agenda, the mafias are “lobbying” stating that the expressway should be diverted. Devkota claims if the situation continues to remain same the expressway will not be completed even in the next five years.

Radheshayam Adhikari, member of the committee said the expressway project should not be be stopped due to the budget issue. ” The budget fir the completion of the project by FY 2080/81 was sufficient. The project cannot be completed on stipulated time due to budget. He claimed,” Government should prioritize the expressway project and resolve the problems at the earliest.”

Slower the project completes, higher the cost becomes said Sumitra B.C, member if the committee. The land towards Khokana should be solved politically. After the completion of the project, the locals will be highly benefitted from it. Committee Secretary Sudarshan Khadka informed that some people have paid the amount due to the acquisition of the land in the section. He added,” Notice for the land acquisition have been released.

Chairman Bidari informed that 11km track is yet to be opened in different sections of the expressway. The track is yet to be opened in the difficult and problematic areas. The whole roadway isn’t connected If it is questioned “Why the track has not been opened yet” then the answer is “Once the bridge and tunnel part is completed all the tracks will be opened.” The Chinese company has been given the responsibility of the construction of tunnel and they have started setting up the camp and bringing the equipments. Construction of the complex bridges and tunnels has not started yet. The forest office did not facilitate the felling trees.

During the on-site monitoring the committee pointed out the need to relocate the crusher industrt keeping in view the possible adverse effects of the crusher industry operating in the area around Makkhubensi. Operating the crusher near the river can block the river and disrupt the project said Bidari.

Nepal Army had demanded an additional 23 Billion from the central government last July stating that 9 Billion was not enough for the completion of the project. But for now, it has proposed to reduce the amoubt by Rs 23 billion and release only 9.40 billion. Till now, only 16.10 percent physical progress can be seen in the project construction.

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