Thai technical team in Bhairawaha Airport for test flight assessment

KATHMANDU: A technical team from Thailand has reached Bhairawaha to prepare for the test flight in Gautam Buddha International Airport, which is still under construction.

A team of four member from Thailand’s Aero Thai Company, which has been awarded the contract for the construction of ICB-2, a weather, communication, aircraft tracking system, arrived on Wednesday. The team will test the equipment and ensure the test of the flight in the airport.

“The team will not return back till they complete the test flight at the Gautam Buddha International Airport,” said Praveen Neupane, Manager of the project and deputy director of the National Pride Project he furthet added,” Soon after starting the test by Thai team, technical team from America will also join and at last Austrian team will also join the test.”

A team including the Director General of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal had discussiom with the Thai technical team in Kathmandu on Tuesday. The team had already started its work from Thursday. The same team will give technical training to the Nepali tem to test runwy for the test flights and operate the Airport.

A two-month training has been started in Bhairawaha from January 2 for the technical team including Nepali engineer to operate the airport permanently. NEA has mobilized 34 employees at the airport. Now, an additional 151 post have to be fulfilled.

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