Solu Corridor Transmission Line comes into operation

KATHMANDU: The Solu Corridor 132 kV double circuit transmission line, constructed to supply electricity generated from the hydropower projects of the Solukhola area to the national grid, has come into operation since Monday.

The transmission line, which was built with the investment of the government of Nepal and a concessional loan from the Export-Import Bank of India (EXIM), was brought into operation by charging it Monday morning.
The length of the transmission line from Mirchaiya of Siraha to Udaypur, Okhaldhunga and Tinla of Dudhkund Municipality of Solukhumbu is 90 kilometers and the number of towers is 302, according to the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA).

Under the Solu corridor transmission line project, substations of 132/33 kV of 30 MVA capacity and 33/11 kV of 8 MVA capacity have been constructed in Tinla.

The substation construction has been completed and is operational from August, 2019. Electricity will be supplied to Solukhumbu, Okhaldhunga and Khotang from the Tinla substation.

Managing Director of NEA Kul Man Ghising said that there was some delay in the construction of the project due to dispute over selection of contractor, interim order of the Supreme Court, obstruction from locals demanding change of the route and difficult geographical conditions.

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