NEA decides to supply additional 27 MW electricity to Ambe Steels in a month

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has decided to supply about 35 MW of electricity to the Ambe Steels Industry in Nepalgunj area of Banke within a month.

The NEA is currently supplying about eight megawatt of electricity to the steel industry. The industry has demanded an additional 27 MW of electricity for capacity expansion.

The NEA is going to supply 35 MW of electricity to Ambe Steels with an additional 27 MW within a month after completing the construction of all the necessary structures to supply electricity to the industry, said NEA.
Construction of a 33 kV double circuit transmission line from Kohalpur substation has reached the final stage to supply electricity to the industry.

The industry has also finalised the construction of substations on its premises and capacity expansion of the factory to get additional power supply.
A team led by NEA managing director Kul Man Ghising visited the site on Saturday and discussed electrical infrastructure to be constructed to supply electricity to the industries operating in Nepalgunj and Kolalpur industrial areas and which may open in the coming days.

The team has requested the industry management to complete all the preliminary work within a month by visiting Ambe Steels, which consumes the largest amount of electricity in Nepalgunj area, and getting electricity supply within a month.

“We are supplying the required amount of electricity to the industries to increase power consumption. In order to increase the power consumption in the industrial corridor, new infrastructure has been constructed and the existing structures have been strengthened and upgraded,” said Ghising.

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