MAN organizing CEO Conference-2022 on April 8

KATHMANDU: Management Association of Nepal (MAN) is set to organize CEO Conference-2022 on April 8 in Kathmandu.

The first of its type conference in Nepal aims to bring together management professionals from across the country and discuss on issues hovering economic growth, post-pandemic challanges and recovery, according to MAN, the apex body of management professionals in Nepal.

Kiran Kumar Shrestha, president of the organization, informed that the event is being organized with theme ‘Re-engineering management: survival, revival and growth,’ and will witness over 300 professionals from various sectors.

“MAN has been a think tank in providing policy recommendations and suggestions to the government. In the past years, MAN has brought professionals from across different countries and carried out discussions and deliberations. These deliberations has helped the government in shapping policies,” informed Shrestha, adding,” The CEO Conference will bring into light different issues facing the country’s corporate sector and the economy.”

Similarly, Anu Joshi, treasurer at MAN, informed that the CEO conference is organization’s flagship event and will focus on challanges faced by Nepali entrepreneurs and management professionals.

Anil Upadhayay, Executive Director of MAN, said they will be forwarding the conference as a platform for knowledge-sharing and knowledge enhancement for the post COVID recovery phase.

The two-day event will have seven different pannel discussions covering seven sectors including health, education, tourism, IT, among others. Similarly, MAN is also awarding best management professionals on the occasion on different headings.

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