Election in MAN: Nabil Bank Chairman Upendra Poudyal secures highest vote

KATHMANDU: Upendra Prasad Poudyal has secured the highest number of votes in the election of the Management Association of Nepal (MAN). Poudyal, who is also a candidate for the post of president, has achieved the highest number of votes in the individual category. Poudyal, who is also the chairman of Nabil Bank, got 364 votes.

Similarly, Manoj Gyawali got the highest number of votes on the institutional side. Representing Nabil Bank, Gyawali got 73 votes. In the election of the MAN, 11 members have been elected from the individual side and 6 members from the institutional side.

Similarly, Raman Nepal, a candidate of the president, could not be elected even to the executive committee as he received only 202 votes.

The first executive committee meeting of the MAN will select executive committee of the organization from among the elected members. It is now clear that Poudyal will be the new president of MAN.

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Sunday April 10, 2022, 10:24:15 AM |

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