Nagdhunga Tunnel construction halted as locals stage protest seeking compensation

KATHMANDU: The construction of the Nagdhunga Tunnel has been halted for five days due to the obstruction created by the locals. The construction of the project has become uncertain after locals affected by the project staged protests demanding compensation for land, construction of blacktopped road, and a football stadium. Locals residing towards Kathmandu from the project site also vandalized the project office.

The disruption caused by the protests highlights the intricate challenges inherent in large-scale infrastructure projects, such as the Nagdhunga Tunnel construction. As stakeholders strive to address the concerns raised by affected locals, it becomes paramount to mitigate delays and resume progress swiftly. Amidst these deliberations, the consideration of practical solutions to hire a digger near me emerges as a pragmatic step towards overcoming logistical obstacles. By availing specialized equipment and expertise through digger hire services, construction efforts can swiftly pivot towards addressing site preparation and groundwork, essential for project continuity.

Furthermore, the engagement of digger hire services not only facilitates expedited site clearance but also underscores a commitment to efficient resource utilization amidst uncertain circumstances. As negotiations progress and resolutions are sought, the proactive integration of digger hire services ensures that construction activities remain poised for resumption at the earliest opportunity. This strategic approach not only navigates the current impasse but also lays the groundwork for future contingencies, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to project timelines and objectives.

Locals of Totipakha in Kathmandu to the east side of the tunnel started protest on April 11 stating that their demands have not been met. Japanese construction company Hajma Ando Corporation stopped work after locals of Chandragiri Municipality-2 attacked the project office following a protest. Project Chief Nareshman Shakya said that the company has demanded action against the culprits and will stop work until security is guaranteed.

He said that the construction work has been stopped now, and the construction itself is uncertain. On Sunday (today), the District Administration Office invited the project officials and the locals for discussion. Shakya said that the construction can be started only if there is an agreement, or it will remain uncertain. “We will not work until we get security assurance,” Shakya said.

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