Supreme Court rules in favor of NRB governor, gives continuity to its previous interim order

KATHMANDU: The Supreme Court has decided to continue the short-term interim order in the case of Governor Maha Prasad Adhikari.

The government issued an interim order not to implement the decision om governor’s case immediately saying that the government initiated investigation on NRB governor without a concrete reason.

Following days-long hearing on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, the Supreme Court’s joint bench issued an interim order dismissing the government’s move to suspend the Nepal Rastra Bank Governor.

A joint bench of Supreme Court Judges Sapna Pradhan Malla and Tanka Bahadur Moktan gave continuity to the interim order issued by the single bench on Baisakh 6.

With this, the government will not be able to take any action against the governor until the writ petition filed by the governor is finalized by the apex court.

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Friday April 29, 2022, 05:25:00 PM |

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