NEA resumes electricity supply to industries after one week of disruption

KATHMANDU: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has started supplying electricity to the industries of Bara-Parsa Industrial Corridor from Wednesday evening after a week-long power cuts.

The NEA had cut off power supply to the industrial sector from last Wednesday due to its failure in importing electricity from India. Initially, the NEA had said that the electricity supply would be cut for 12 to 16 hours but later, it was completely cut off for a week.

The industries in the corridor shut down entirely due to the lack of electricity. NEA had been supplying electricity to the industries by importing 500 MW of electricity daily from India. The power supply to industry was cut off after NEA failed to bring electricity from India.

India halted electricity exports to Nepal as India itself was facing an energy crisis due to a shortage of coal. Following the halt in supply of electricity from India, NEA imposed load shedding in the industrial sector to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity to domestic customers. Chief of NEA Birgunj Distribution Center Jitendra Kumar Jha informed that power supply to industries resumed from Wednesday.

According to Jha, NEA started supplying electricity from 11 and 66 KV transmission lines. “Electricity has been restored in the industrial corridor since Wednesday evening. The problem of scarcity is still prevalent as a permanent solution is not made,” said Jha.

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